What does it mean to be vulnerable?

A series of interviews with various artist dealing with fear, vulnerability, and societal expectations.


“Being intimate with somebody. To expose your achilles heel to whoever it is… This thing that could destroy you but you trust that person enough to care for it and not exploit that”

Rory Padgett


” I’m young I can do what ever the fuck I wanna do and Ima do it as long as I can… yeah.. life don’t don’t work like that.. I was a very fearless child”

Ariel Smith

“I won’t fully let myself strip down to the bare, the raw. I am just a being working through emotions. I don’t want to be that vulnerable. I don’t want to be that raw. I don’t want people to see that. ”

LaDawn Manuel 

” You’re thinking too fast and so much and no one else can hear it but you think they can. I make a considerate effort to protect myself from that”

– Temitope Olutunmbi